Organizations are broad groups that may be subdivided into smaller units – teams, departments and divisions. Both the larger group and its subunits offer a sense of belonging, space for learning, a variety of experiences as well as inevitable difficulties. Managers are often required to cope with cynical employees, criticism against the “inconsistencies” of the management team, dilemmas regarding mutual commitments, and questions regarding their role and ability to manage the tension between the needs of various individuals, the specific needs of one individual, and the needs of the system.

As an organizational consultant, I have been working since 1997 with manages and organizations who choose to explore themselves, put themselves to the test and search for other ways to do more, to improve, to make the best of their potential. This choice always involves growth pains, the difficulty of seeing that things can be done otherwise, and frustration when it turns out it is difficult to do so. In management development, personal consultation, team development, HR support and change processes I enjoy working with people willing to face these challenges. Beyond the common consulting tools that focus on verbal communication, psychodrama enables me to offer unexpected insights to individuals and groups in the organizational context.