I have entered the organizational consulting world after gaining experience in group facilitation. Ever since 1997, I have been working with managers in knowledge-intensive and hi-tech organizations, as well as financial, industrial and other companies. In my work as a senior consultant I have spent many years managing consultants in two of the largest consulting companies in Israel – Niram-Gitan and Lotem – as head of organizational development and manager development. My own management experience and understanding contribute to my ability to consult managers. Today I am a freelance consultant working with senior ranks in leading companies – from the CEO to the TL. In my work, I consistently strive to create a consulting process that will be significant to my consultees, keenly felt by their environment and have an impact on the bottom line.

I have a BA in psychology and an MA in social psychology, and have also completed a two-year group facilitation program – all at Tel Aviv University. Since 2007, I have adopted psychodrama as an additional consulting tool. I have studied at the Kivunim Institute's five-year psychoanalytic psychodrama program and continue to develop and integrate both worlds ever since.